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Values and Beliefs

• We believe in the power of scent to inspire people and transform lives.

• We stand by the integrity and quality of our ingredients and formulations; and, we take special pride in our signature fragrances.

• The lush landscape of Southern France is never far from our hearts and minds. The region's powerfully energizing Mistral winds are a creative life force, unlike anywhere else on this planet.

• We revere and respect the Earth's natural environment and always strive to be protective of it in the creation of our products and packaging.

• Our product development process is the ultimate expression of who we are as a company. First and foremost, we see ourselves as a creative community.

• We believe in France's rich legacy of meticulously crafted soap and fragrance. We also believe in the highly developed American model of customer service.

• We believe in the enduring power of American small business and how it can be used to affect changes in industry.

• We value our Mistral community, and continuously give back to our community with charitable contributions to assist in fund-raising for social and environmental causes.

• When you purchase a Mistral product you become a part of our special community. Every Mistral customer is a member of the Mistral family, and every Mistral retailer is a Mistral partner. Our model of cooperation and collaboration brings about mutual respect, satisfaction, and success.