Summer Gardens

by Matthew Tilker on June 1, 2014

The great French thinker Voltaire famously said, “iI faut cultiver notre jardin,” and this summer I am blessed to have my three year old daughter as my helper. Each evening we go out to our little “potager” and she waters our selection of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and fresh herbs. I say to her, “this is where our food comes from.” I am not sure she understands the full cycle of Mother Nature yet, but she takes real pride in watering “her” plants.

Mistral - Watering the Garden

We also walk around the neighborhood stopping to enjoy all the plants that are blooming. We always stop and smell the fresh honesysuckle, rosemary and roses in various gardens that we pass. So much so in fact, that sniffing our way around town has become such a part of our walks that my daughter will go over to the same rosemary bush each time to smell the green needles.

Mistral - smelling the Rosemary

“I don’t like Daddy,” she said recently when smelling some pungent night blooming jasmine. Citrus is her favorite – oranges and orange blossoms. She takes after her dad.

In our age of increasing industrialization and technology, it is important for us all to know the basics: where our food comes from, how the planet sustains us, and how the beauty of nature inspires and uplifts us all.


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