Perfume is like wine

by admin on May 24, 2013

Perfume is like wine. Both are highly nuanced sensory “experiences” that come in a variety of styles and evoke intense pleasure. “Pairing” is also a key part of wine and fragrance enjoyment – finding just the right protein, starch, vegetable and cheese (in the world of scent: top, middle, and base notes) to harmonize with your skin or food type.

To this end, here are a few fun and simple tips to keep in mind when shopping for your summer scents.

Don’t drink Cabernet on a hot summer night…

-Stick with Citrus, Green, Floral or Aquatic Scents

The best summer fragrances like the best summer cuisine are light and refreshing. Summer is time for fresh fruits and vegetables, salads and fish. Summer scents are also best when they are playful and transparent, bursting with citrus, musk, fresh flowers, green leaves, or ocean breezes. Verbena, Tea, Mandarin, Jasmine, Orange Blossom or Aquatic fragrances are all sure to bring a smile to your face and draw an approving nod from a stranger.  Just as you would order a chilled glass of Rosé, Pinot Grigio, un-oaked chardonnay (yes, I said un-oaked as opposed to oaked because wood imparts a spicy vanilla heaviness to wine that for me suggests fall or winter cuisine), so too should your perfumes be luminous and uplifting.

Avoid scents that are heavy in amber, woods, spicy, sweet, animalic, or leathery notes. Save these for the winter, when a rich meal and a nice glass of cab will warm your soul.

If you really must drink Red wine on a hot summer night (make it Pinot Noir)…

-Stick with Fruits or Vanilla or Rose

A good Pinot is seductively subtle and the fruits peak out from a lighter body of flowers and soft vanilla. Summer nights (not days) are a great time for more complex fruit scents like Wild Blackberry that have depth, but not too much heaviness. Other good choices for summer evenings when you might have a fancy engagement are rose fragrances (tasteful but still not too heavy). For those of you by a beach, vanillas that have some tropical flowers or fruits blended into them are perfect for bar hopping in Maui or Miami. I would save the richer vanilla scents that may have amber or patchouli woven into them for fall or winter.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I look forward to any comments or feedback some of you may wish to share about your favorite summer scents or wines.

À la prochaine,


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